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Dr. Alan Katz and an expert group of Wellness practitioners have created a unique and powerful healing environment for those suffering from the pain of physical, chemical and emotional stress.


Chemicals in your body affect your ability to function efficiently. We help eliminate them.


A powerful source of internal pain frequently underestimated and often untreated.


The most common type of body stress originates from some surprising sources.

  • “Alan has created an oasis for people to come relax, take their shoes off, and breath for an hour. It’s a healing place to disconnect from the hectic world.”

    Patient One
  • “I truly believe that Dr. Katz is a great healer with an expansive soul. Thank you so much for helping me become healthier!”

  • “Dr. Alan Katz and his energetic and chiropractic work are an important part of my recovery journey to wellness and I am so grateful!”

    Petey Giroux


Everything to get started on your journey to Wellness.

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More about the man with the magic hands.

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Synergy...Health and Wellness Center is the working of like minded individuals towards a common goal...HEALING!!

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

Gentle Path Acupuncture View Details
Stephanie Pearce

Stephanie Pearce

Massage Therapist & Yoga View Details
Danamarie DeRiggi

Danamarie DeRiggi

Healing + Bodywork View Details
Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

Gentle Path Acupuncture

Chris has been practicing Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine since 1997 when he graduated with honors from Tai Hsuan College of Oriental Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is his goal to bring Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine into mainstream awareness. He focuses on reuniting your body, mind and spirit and showing you how to live your life as a whole complete person.

Stephanie Pearce

Stephanie Pearce

Massage Therapist & Yoga

Stephanie is a structural neuromuscular therapist specializing in performance massage, yoga and relaxation therapies. This powerful combination of healing arts helps clients release tension with the power of touch and personalized therapeutic bodywork. Her integrative health practice blends everything she’s learned about massage, yoga and exercise therapies to help more people achieve health, joy and whole body sustenance.

Danamarie DeRiggi

Danamarie DeRiggi

Healing + Bodywork

Danamarie is passionate about offering a premium level of Therapeutic Massage. Sessions focus on the integration of various professional modalities and certified techniques to ultimately create a difference in the daily lives of her clients. Dedicated to helping you achieve optimum health and balance, she strives to create a sacred space that is welcoming, therapeutic and relaxing – a place to reconnect mind, body and spirit.

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